Diana Buss and Family

Mike, Diana, Lexi, Shannon and Buster
Photo by Cindy VanErt

The story of how I came to own BowWow Meow goes like this… Colleen Geishart originally opened the store in November 2012. A year later, she renovated a historic, older building in our community and moved BowWow Meow to its current location at 221 Lincoln Street. During the summer of 2014, being the entrepreneur that she is, Colleen decided to put the store up for sale to pursue a new adventure.

This is where I enter the story…. I had spent the past 20+ years doing product development and user experience work for two great companies, creating amazing products, but all the while I secretly had a dream to own a small business. While I had this dream for many years, due to my focus on my career, I never took the time to nurture it. I did; however, join the Board of Directors for South Wood County Humane Society in January 2014. Becoming a board member was the first step I took to move toward my passion, to get more involved in my community, and to help the organization that brought me together with my four-legged soul mate, Lexi.

Then one day in May, 2014, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and came across a post that BowWow Meow was for sale. I immediately knew that I HAD to check this out and from that moment forward I was certain this would be my future. On August 1st, 2014, I officially became the owner of BowWow Meow!

Diana and Lexi

Lexi and Diana
Photo by Cindy VanErt

My goal for the store is really very simple; I want to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices AND give them a fun shopping experience. I know how challenging it is to find five-star chews and treats for your pets. That’s why I strive to offer a wide selection, but I am very picky about what we offer and only carry items from reputable companies that do not include ingredients sourced from China. I only carry products that I would use with my own furbabies.

As a lifelong native of Wisconsin Rapids, my passion for our community and our local humane society is very strong! BowWow Meow has multiple fundraising events to support  South Wood County Humane Society. I am involved in our community’s “Shop Local” initiative and I am an active member of the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. I believe in shopping local and stock many Wisconsin-made products.

If you are visiting this website, it’s because, like us, your pets are members of your family. And, I would LOVE to meet your family! See you soon.

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